How Sprinkler Leaks Start (And How To Fix Them)

If your Burroughs sprinkler system is leaking and you don't know why, it is important to understand how to assess this problem quickly and solve it. While it may take a professional to manage too severe of an issue, even the average person can assess this situation and get it fixed quickly and easily.
Leaks Are Caused By Wearing Damage
A good sprinkler system has plenty of moving parts, many of which rub up against each other as they run. For example, the turning sprinkler head will have different hoses and gears operating at the same time as a way of spreading water across a lawn. As these parts move, they get weathered down and can end up seriously damaged over an extended period.

How Leaks Get Worse
A typical sprinkler leak will start out fairly small and may be easy to ignore. Over time, though, the leaks in the hose or in the heads might get worse. In fact, sprinkler hose leaks can commonly get large enough to gush water and cause floods in a yard. Learning how to avoid this problem and fix it is crucial to ensuring it doesn't impact you too heavily.

Fixing This Problem
If you see hoses leaking on your sprinklers, make sure to replace them with new models right away. While a temporary patch can be useful in many situations, it is typically best to get the hoses completely replaced. It may even be necessary to get the heads replaced, a process that many people should be able to do on their own with just a little experimentation.

If you are uncomfortable fixing this problem on your own, please contact us at C James Plumbing today. Our experts have years of experience with these systems, including heating and plumbing system problems. We can even help you avoid serious violations that would otherwise impact your home or business.

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